If you have an symptoms of a cold or flue, we either cancel and re schedule the appointment or i can offer you an session online. 

Sliding Scale Payment 

I offer a sliding scale between £25-75 for people who are waged, depending on your income. 

Please let me know how much you would like to pay for a session. 

If your circumstances change you can change the amount you pay anytime. When you book your next session you can click how much you want to pay. 


Availability for free sessions. 

If you dont have any access to money there are free sessions for up to 3 appointments available . i have a limited availability for these sessions.
you can book free session when you book an appointment. 


If you cant make it to our appointment, please let me know 24h in advance, Otherwise i need to charge half the price of the session. 

Termination of Work together 

You and me can terminate the work together any point for any reason. 



Everything that you share with me stays confidentially. I keep my notes of sessions in an encrypted online cloud to which just i have access to.


Reviewing our work

If you intend to have several sessions we will do a review after an agreed on amount of session and check in how you are feeling working togethe, if the sessions meet your needs and how you would like to countinue the work