what happens in a somatic counselling session?

A session takes usually 1h 30 mins.
At the beginning we take a moment to arrive together in the space, I offer the option to first do an embodied arrival, like a bodyscan, taking some conscious breaths together, shaking or humming together.

We can check in what you bring or what your expectations for the shared time are.

It might be when you are talking about what you bring, or what is going on or you, that i will interrupt you, and invite you to bring attention to your body, to a movement that you make, something that we can enquire together.

What shape a session will take is informed by what you and your body bring.
We listen together to what your body is processing. Through talking to each other and holding our awareness to your process.

The body holds a lot of information that we can listen to and make space for.

Listening, sensing and enquire can look like moving around together in the space, making sounds, talking, also experiments with space and each other, self touch.

The aim is to be curious for what is present and alive in this very moment. Notice and allow.

Supportive touch by me can be part of this process too if you feel it useful for what you are experiencing.

At the end of the session we can talk about what came up for you in the time and reflect and integrate.
Like this you can get a feeling knowledge for processes in the body and make connection to what is going on for you emotionally.